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If you're interested in having Bethany write for you, send her a message on the contact page.

Current Projects

Pat Walker Mysteries

Pat Walker, a tenacious young private eye, investigates mysteries in the present to solve her past with the help of her loyal assistant, Merrick. In season one, the duo searches for the truth behind a popular actress' disappearance. (Radio Drama)

The Fifth Queen

Five women who all look alike. Powerful. Beautiful. Dying. In this Queendom, the true ruler is masked, sharing her public position with four lookalikes, a select few knowing her real identity. To take down a nation, someone is willing to kill them all. Novel.

The Siren's Call

A prince flees his murderous fiance to find a mythological sleeping princess. (Novel)


Every hero needs a sidekick, but Tim just wants to bake the perfect pie. After bumbling into and nearly ruining a prophesied event, an average woodcutter's apprentice is forced to become the companion of the long awaited Chosen One. If he fails to do his duty, his family pays the price. But when your flaws outweigh your talents, where do you fit in and how do you stay alive? (Radio drama)

Save Yourself/Lone

When your choices may save...or destroy the world. (Novel)

To Be Remembered

The names carved into Natural Bridge, Virginia hold many secrets, especially the lone female name: Emily Stevenson.

Heroes fight monsters. He cleans up the mess.

Unchosen Logline

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